Building Regulations – Building Control and Planning Permission

Building Regulations – Building Control and Planning Permission

What are the Building Regulations?

If you are considering undertaking any development you must consider whether the project will need to have a planning permission and/or a Building Regulations application. These are two separate applications and must be applied for individually.

Building Regulations are national standards for England and Wales which apply to most types of buildings, whether in the home or a commercial development. They ensure that the built environment in which we all live is a safe place. The regulations also ensure that adequate access and facilities are provided for people with disabilities and include requirements for conservation of fuel and power.
• Go to the website to view the Building Regulations 2010

Building Regulations in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

LABC operates in both England and Wales. Go to the LABC Cymru page for more information about what they can offer you. There are similar but separate regulations which apply in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Further details on these regulations can be found at the Scottish Building Standards Agency website and the Department of Finance and Personnel Northern Ireland website.

What is planning permission?

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) sets national planning policy. Both planning permission and building control are needed to satisfy legal requirements so please contact your local authority to find out your exact requirements.

You must apply to your council for planning permission. It is not necessary to make the application yourself. You can appoint an agent, ie an architect or solicitor, to make it for you.

Points that will be looked at include the number, size, layout, siting and external appearance of buildings, and the proposed use of the development, among other things.
• The full procedure for how to make a planning application is available in flow chart form on the Planning Portal website.


Need more information?

Why not browse our Publications Library where you will find guidance on topics such as conservatories and making a Building Regulations application.

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